Our purpose is to make our world a better place through education and international collaboration.

Core values


develop and deliver distinctive and value driven academic programs that are flexible to local, national and international needs


embrace diversity and treat others with dignity and respect in all interactions, activities, and decision-making


provide an academically excellent and accessible education to all


work toward common goals with others in the Academy and the community while valuing teamwork, participation, and diversity of ideas and perspectives


set high standards of achievement in a quality educational environment committed to constant improvement

Moscow International Academy is determined do things differently and put student success at the centre of everything we do.

MIA is concentrated on creating educational opportunities for people regardless of where they come from. We welcomed international students from over 40 different countries. Our purpose is to make our world a better place through education and international collaboration.

Our Academy enriches the lives of students by offering opportunities for them to develop and to achieve their intellectual, academic, and professional potential. We are dedicated to excellence in teaching, research work, and professional programs.

Our ideal long-term vision is to establish top-level programs which offer a superior educational experience which prepares students for a global marketplace.

MIA was founded in 1996

a full-time enrolment of 4 000 students

fields of study — Linguistics, Education, Management, Economics, Oriental Studies

various academic degrees — Bachelor and Master

MIA is an associated member of

International Federation of Translators (FIT)

Cambridge Assessment English Preparation Centre

Pearson Tests of English certified Centre

Translators’ Union of Russia

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