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English language general entry requirements

For entry to all our degrees you must provide evidence that your level of English will enable you to succeed on your chosen degree. All applicants are supposed to take an English Language Placement test online.

Standard entry requirements

  1. A copy of an identity and citizenship document
  2. A copy of your education certificate indicating subjects and grades
  3. A passport-sized photo (color or black and white)

Tips for scanning documents and uploading files:

Scan each of the relevant documents as separate files. Do not scan everything together as one file.

The file format for each scanned document must be saved as a PDF file (not JPEG, MPEG).

Give each file a unique file name.

For example:
  1. Your identity document (passport) should be saved as Passport for Brad Pitt
  2. Your education certificate – certificate/diploma for Brad Pitt
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