Our academic staff

is all enthusiastic and passionate about their subject specific fields. They play a major role in helping to develop and shape their courses, ensuring they are packed full of the latest theory and practical examples. You can find out more about each staff member below.

Evgeny Usachev

International Cooperation Department Head

Marina Sergeeva


Marina Erokhina


Natalia Shchiptsova


Inna Ivanova


Roman Gryaznov


Hey! I’m Roman. I am an English Teacher at MIA. Teaching is both my passion and vocation. I’ve been helping people widen their horizons and expand their potential through acquiring the modern Lingua Franca for almost a decade now.

Having learnt the language both from studying in England and watching stand-up, I know how essential for the process to be as captivating and up-do-date as it gets. That’s why a lesson is always a mix of culture trivia, lyrics and movie clips organised to explain a grammatical or vocabulary topic being discussed at the moment.

After studying in the UK, completing my Master’s in Linguistics with disctincion at St Petersburg State University, interpreting at international conferences and festivals, teaching English to kids, teenagers, adults and seniors, working with top models and businessmen I know one thing: learning a language, as well as teaching it, is an endless journey. And I’d love to see you embark on it at MIA.

Roman Gryaznov
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